Revised 2007

The Old Kitchen

This is the “Old Kitchen”. It was used until 1940 when Terry’s grandparents built a small kitchen inside the main house. When they moved the kitchen inside, they just closed the door and left most of the things here. This was used as a storage room until it was renovated for the tour in 1974.

Most of the houses of this era had outside kitchens. However, this is the only house in Eufaula that still has it original outside kitchen.

The food was prepared here and carried by servants across the breezeway to a small room called the “Cup Room” where it was set on a table. The Cup Room opened into the dining room. The food was then served into the dining room.

Q. Do you know why the kitchens were built away from the main house?
A. Fires were kept burning in the kitchens. Therefore, the kitchens were hot. So they were kept away from the house to keep the house cooler. Also, with fires burning all the time, kitchens often caught fire. Being separate from the house kept the main house from burning if the kitchen caught fire. It also kept the noise of the kitchen and the servants away from the house.

Point out:
Waffle Iron
Apple Peeler
Syllabub Churn
Ice Bag from Eufaula Ice Company
Plate Warmer
Scale from Foy Hardware Co.
The first non-wood burning, kerosene stove used in the early 1920s

When you leave please walk down the stairs and exit around the house. Do not go back into the house.

The large iron pot you will see at the bottom of the stairs is an 80 gallon Syrup pot made by Columbus Iron Works. It was used for making cane syrup.