Revised 2007

Master Bedroom

This is the master bedroom. The trunk belonged to Mollie Petry’s father, Montross Hyatt. You saw some of the silver he made in the dining room.

(Point out Montross Hyatt’s grandfather’s revolutionary war commission signed by John Hancock.)

The wedding dress belonged to Terry’s grandmother, Natalie Petry. “Miss Natalie” married Hampton Stewart in 1900. She lived all but one of her 94 years in this house.

Point out “Miss Natalie’s” picture in her wedding dress on the mantle.)

You are going to be walking through the dressing room and the “Bath Room” to get out to the “Old Kitchen”. This house was one of the first in Eufaula with running water. The “Bath Room” was truly a bath -room for taking a bath. The room had a copper tub that was filled from a pipe coming down from the attic. Above the bathroom there is a room in the attic known as the “Tank Room”. The “Tank Room” still has a tin lined floor. There was a large wooden tank in the Tank Room that collected rainwater from gutters on the roof.

Terry’s grandmother “Miss Natalie”, related how when she was a young girl, her four brothers would have to periodically put on their bathing suits and get in the tank with scrub brushes to scrub it out.

While they had water for bathing there were, of course, no inside toilets because there were no sewers and also because toilets used too much water. Water service was first installed in Eufaula in 1886.

The ladies of the house used chamber pots and the gentlemen used chamber pots and the privy. “Miss Natalie” said that ladies never venture out to the privy!

The folk art paintings in the bathroom are by the Montgomery, Alabama artist Mose Tolliver better known as MoseT. Mose died this year.