Revised 2007

The Sitting Room

This is the “Sitting Room”, the more informal of the two front parlors. It is furnished as it was in the early 1900’s.

“Miss Natalie” Petry married Hampton Stewart in 1900. They purchased this set of Stickley mission furniture shortly after their marriage. Various pieces of the set are in this room and upstairs. So the room looks very much like it did in the early 1900s.

The Estay Organ was manufactured in 1901.

The dog show prints are originals from the Paris dog show of 1897.

The items on the mantle are:
• William Petry’s kaleidoscope and telescope
• Mollie Petry’s father’s telescope
• a 1902 Rand-McNally globe
• Lottie Petry’s 1898 Ansoma clock
• a Kodak 1902 Folding Pocket Model B camera.

The bald eagle over the fireplace is a limited edition print by the world-renowned artist Athos Menaboni. The painting of the great blue herons hanging in the hall is a Menaboni original. You will find several other Menaboni pieces throughout the house. Terry Honan worked for the Menabonis when he was in college.

The Persian carpet is a Sarouk. Terry purchased it while he was living in Iran. You will see many different Persian carpets throughout the house.