Revised 2007

The Girl’s Room & Upstairs Hall

This was the original girl’s room. However, only the two Petry sisters lived up here. Girls of subsequent generations lived downstairs.

The photo over the mantle is of Terry’s great-great-grandfather, Dr. Samuel White in his confederate officer’s uniform. He was Surgeon of Cobb’s Legion of Georgia. A replica of his uniform is on the bed (Unless Terry’s is wearing it.) His father, Dr. Benjamin White, was Surgeon General of the Georgia Troops during the war.

The Confederate commission and sword belonged to Captain James A. Bass of the Barbour County Grays. He picked up the sword on the Gettysburg battlefield during the battle and carried it for the rest of the war. His great-grandson, Ed Bass lives directly across the street.

Point out the two land grants:
• One was granted to Governor John Gill Shorter of Eufaula who was Governor of Alabama during the War Between the States.
• One was granted to Mollie Petry’s father, Montross Hyatt.

(Point out William Petry’s certificate of service as a member of the Eufaula Fire Brigade in 1897.)

In the hall you will find a shelf with some of the 32 books that Anmarie Honan has had published.

You will also find numerous Boy Scout memorabilia items. Terry serves on the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America.

Terry’s interest in family history and genealogy is also apparent from his many genealogy records and the membership certificates from the various historical societies that he belongs to. He is especially proud of his membership in the Society of the Cincinnati.