Revised 2007

The Boy’s Room

This is called the “Boy’s Room” because the boys of the family always lived in this room. The Honan’s have made this their bedroom because they love the view from up here.

(Point out the picture on the wall of the boys that have lived in this room.)

The secretary belonged to Terry’s great-great-grandfather, John Stewart. His picture is on the secretary. When the secretary was refinished in 1970, the 1855 newspaper from Columbus was lining one of the drawers. John Stewart owned a home in Columbus and a large plantation on the Georgia side of the Chattahoochee River across from where Lake Point State Park is now located.

The cedar chest was made by William Petry. Note the beautiful hand cut dovetails.

The ledger on the cedar chest belonged to Mollie Hyatt Petry’s father, Montross Hyatt.